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Moving & Handling

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Moving and handling refers to the techniques used to lift, push, pull, or carry objects safely without causing injury to oneself or others. Healthcare workers, in particular, need to be aware of proper lifting and transferring methods when handling patients.


Poor techniques can result in back pain, sprains, and strains, causing long-term harm. To avoid injury, it is essential to follow proper lifting guidelines, including assessing the weight and shape of objects, using the correct equipment, and seeking help when required.


Training and practicing safe lifting and handling techniques can reduce the risk of injury and improve workplace safety.

Our Moving and Handling Course will assists with compliance of the Care Certificate theory and practical training requirements developed jointly by Skills for Care, Health Education England and Skills for Health. It also meets training requirements set by regulating / inspecting body ( CQC).

This Course is aligned to the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF).


Our Training Suite is set up to enable learners to be assessed in scenario based practical learning. Learners will be able to practice different procedures with various equipment such as;

· Hospital bed

· Slide sheets

· Wendy letts

· Stand aids

· Mobile hoists

· A variety of slings

Care Workers will also learn how to risk asses a Moving Handling situation and understand a Moving and Handing Plan.

Our Moving & handling Trainings

Moving & handling - level 1

Coming soon

What you can expect

  • Manual handling (The Legal Aspects)

  • The body and what can go wrong during manual handling

  • Principles of safe moving & handling

Level 1 duration

1.5 hours

Level 1

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What you can expect

  • Manual handling (The Legal Aspects)

  • The body and what can go wrong during manual handling

  • Principles of safe moving & handling

  • Understanding Moving and Handling Plans

  • Understanding and completing Risk Assessments

  • Practical training and competency assessment of various manoeuvres used in the workplace

Level 2 duration

4 hours

Moving & handling - level 2

Level 2

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